Intuitive and mindful eating with non-diet approaches supported

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I’m Katharine, a nutrition and lifestyle coach who works with women to reduce overwhelm and find their own version of healthy so they feel like they are thriving.

I work with women just like you who are fed up of being pulled in different directions, may be feeling overwhelmed and want to feel amazing. I help women who are already carrying the world on their shoulders learn how to prioritise themselves again (without having everything around them fall apart).

Using gentle nutrition and creative yet flexible approaches, personalised to you and your life demands, we design a life where you feel like you are thriving - because life is complicated enough but taking care of yourself doesn't have to be.

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“Are you ready to get motivated, confident, and to seize each day’s adventures without sweating the small stuff?”

With me there is no obsessing about what you can or can’t eat, restrictive diets and crazy fitness regimes are shown the door.  I help to empower YOU to make choices about YOUR health with ease and with grace, making eating well and prioritising self-care easy.

Together we’ll design a well life that fits YOU and makes sense for YOUR life’s demands, helping you to live purposefully and with intention everyday. I support you in making choices that make sense for you and your family so you feel grounded and balanced.

 Together we’ll create your


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